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Arranges group travel to North American attractions and landmarks accompanied by certified tour directors.
B'nai B'rith Youth Organization
Features teen travel programs to Israel and worldwide.

Carlson Wagonlit provide business and corporate travel management for companies of all sizes, helping them cut travel spend and simplifying their business travel.
Equestrian Travel Association
The Equestrian Travel Association (ETA) is a professional association representing equestrian travel vacations, outfitters, camps, clinics and guided horseback riding tour businesses across the globe. The ETA creates awareness for horse related travel while promoting high standards of customer service and horse care throughout the industry.
Abacus Distribution Systems
Online booking tool for smaller-scale travel agencies or mobile agents working on remote-access. - abacus.com.sg
Altour International
Offers standard travel services, cruise booking, limousines, incentive management, and management technology. - altour.com
Escalante International
Wholesale products for the international tour and travel trade. Also offers translations, guides and interpreters, and tourism classes for businesses. - Escalante.com
iJET Travel Intelligence
Providing business, agents, and international business and leisure travelers with travel intelligence, alerts, and advisories including security, health, and weather information. - ijet.com
guilinchina.net-Guilin travel guide and information on weather, maps, attractions, activities, tour packages, Yangshuo, Li River cruise and tips. MyTravel Group
Provider of air-inclusive holidays and other leisure travel services throughout the U.K., Northern Europe, Germany, and North America. - mytravelgroup.com
Rosenbluth International
Corporate travel management offerng special programs, reservations, negotiation of airline and hotel contracts, and management reports. - rosenbluth.com
Transat A.T.
Integrated company specializing in the distribution of holiday travel. Subsidiaries include Air Transat, a charter airline, and Air Transat Holidays, a tour company. - transat.com
Travel and Transport
Business and government travel management global service provider. - tandt.comharters with yatchting tips. Includes resource on different locations all over the globe.


China Asia Travel

Abutu Cybertours of China Tours of Beijing, Lhasa, the Great Wall of China, and the Hanging Monastery of Shanxi. Narratives are illustrated with photographs of selected landmarks. 

China - a country of contrasts This trip shows the enormous contrasts of China along a trip from Urumqi to Hongkong by train.

China Photo Gallery
Photographs and stories from a 1996 tour of China.

FinnEire's Place
Study and life in Beijing, China. Travelogue, photos and related links.
http://www.finneire.comJourney to Yunnan - China 2002 Travelogue of a three week trip to China, with photos. Includes GPS waypoints and a short video.

My 2000 Trip to China
A travelogue with pictures of my field school trip to Northeast China in 2000.

Guilin China Travel  
Guilin travel guide and information on weather, maps, attractions, activities, tour packages, Yangshuo, Li River cruise and tips.
Southern China by Bicycle A description a bicycle tour through the southern of China. We also visited Xi'an and Beijing. Includes route description, photos and useful tips.

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Asia travel site for travelling in Asia, offering travel tips, hotels in Asia, special deals,asia hotel reviews, travel news, online hotel reservations and much more.
Asia is too massive and diverse to conceptualize as a single digestible travel"destination".


On A Guilin Yangshuo Tour

Located in the north east corner from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is hailed by many for the reason that most stunning city within China. The city is a famous destination for over decades and is legendary for its awe-inspiring landscape.
Any kind of trip to China is just not complete with out a visit to charming Guilin. The calm landscape, Karst lime scale stones clusters, bamboo groves as well as mist-covered hills in addition to wonderful caves make Guilin this kind of attraction regarding tourists.
eing that Guilin is really a well developed traveller center having convenient varieties of transportation, the most common tourist action in Guilin is definitely moving around with the hills in addition to plains appreciating the beauty of that countryside. In the peak holiday seasons, the weather of Guilin is generally around 20°C and 30°C which allows for your perfect weather conditions for sightseeing.
As soon as you get to Guilin, the first attractive force to see is the Elephant Trunk Hill and the Mineral water Moon Cave. The Elephant Trunk Hill is actually a hill which will looks like a good elephant h2o at the confluence with the Taohua River and Lijiang River. Among the trunk and its body is the stream Moon Cave which makes a beautiful picture especially with clear night time. Going halfway down the mountain is another give where sopranos are generally heard vocal range at the top of their particular voices amusing the holidaymakers and readers.
angshuo has much to see it is hard to pinpoint what are the ideal sites. Significant Banyan Tree Recreation area and the Silent celestial body Hill are two very famous sights around Yangshuo and you would not want to neglect seeing all of them. Visitors may climb up to the top level of the Man in the moon Hill using the 900 diamond stairways to view the picturesque fantastic have a look at Yangshuo. Be sure to convey your camera in this.
Another exciting activity within Yangshuo is "The Next Sister Liu Impression" out-of-doors evening performance. This has the largest natural point in the world and is also built in the particular Li River, which stretches for 2 kilometer's lengthy with 14 mountain highs as its history. All entertainers are nearby, mostly by Zhuang and Yao background and more than 600 people use on the overall performance. You won't want to go away Yangshuo without going on this impressive one.
Guilin tour- China Wonder Tours focus on providing Guilin Yangshuo tour packages, Yangtze River luxury cruises and Li River cruise trip with the best rate. Virtually all services will be private along with small group using English communicating tour information and licenses driver.


Beijing Great Wall swindled remember

I have to show me the web site.I am in Beijing Holiday, see this with better public praise

China youth travel service website, just call 010-85925990 ordered on August 3, to

badaling Great Wall and the Ming tombs dingling visit play a day.At the beginning

in the phone confirmed very clear, is to the badaling Great Wall and the Ming tombs

dingling underground visit.But on the car, the car has brought us to the juyongguan

Great Wall, the original play three hours, has been reduced to 1 hour 45 minutes

drive.Go out with the people are beginning to shopping, first to the jade shop

around for two hours, which eat with 10 minutes, one can imagine how about the

quality of rice.And then going to the Beijing preserved fruit supermarket, which

sell more than in wangfujing to sell more expensive, happened to be the day before

I go to wangfujing to buy things are bought, so just have comparative know the

price different.There is a horrible in bought a packet of spiced beef 9 yuan,

wanted to eat on the train, and the results had a bite I was sick, the inedible

canteen smell.Then the child offered to bring home to the dog dog to eat, have

never thought my dog smell went away, I don't know what is this beef?Go out again

with us to a so-called Beijing colleague to buy medicine, and finally to a what is

the place of feng shui.Later we a few people protest, some of us did not go in.From

9 o 'clock in the morning until 3 PM has been shopping to sail about.Fill in the

blanks, out of the preserved fruit supermarket, originally guide, to the original

arrangement good Ming tombs, results in the car, tour guide said, the emperor's

called ling, common people is called grave, a big kurgan, big TuBao have what

good-looking of, the Ming tombs is watching the royal architecture, entering will

rub off on mishap, the old man can't into, this life year people could not enter

the, young children cannot enter into, business people also cannot enter into, so

our car in far look at building exterior will turn away.That is a good joke!I

thought she so say maybe there will be some people dare not go in, so she can buy

less a few tickets, have never thought they scorpion who also don't let into

the.Words said again front, just get on the car, tour guide will force received 40

yuan per person of at one's own expense tourism projects, made it clear that this

is the travel agency to take kickbacks, if don't pay, even the Great Wall ticket

also buy themselves.Results the last project is to visit the chargeable Ming

palace, in fact, is wax museum, 40 yuan a ticket is not worth, we Shanghai wax

museum never know how much times better than it was.To the end, I ask the tour

guide should invoice, the answer is individual traveler spell group no invoice,

results opened a receipt, we that guide is a female of, name is China, physiognomy

is evil, she claims to she is northeast, say their travel agency is not cyts, the

car is rented.At this time to just take a tumble, because they are under the

signboard cyts Tours in swindle by false pretences.Now I can only believe in

yourself, don't believe any of the travel agency.So reason with going to Beijing

for your brothers and sisters if you want to go to the Great Wall and Ming tombs,

don't go to the one-day tour, go, is also to travel distribution center in the

safe.Then one of my Beijing relatives told me recently TV are in exposure these

private travel agency, remind everybody don't fall for it.But the problem is that

if no measures of words, China's population so many, each as long as the last time

when, also have the more than.Moreover, watching TV is not to be, and travelers is

the basic watch some of the local TV news.So once again remind everybody to want to

guard against, remember 010-85925990 and 010-85925498 telephone don't play, and

produce the above a web site to see oh, they not only is online soliciting

business, but also in the street hair small advertisement, with the car a lot of

other passengers were street small advertising to cheat.Being cheated out of money

not to say, still white lost a whole day's time, in the end what all don't see.